About Us

Glenda Goertzen

Photo of Glenda Goertzen

Hazeldell Productions was founded by Glenda Goertzen in 2012.

With a collection of award-nominated titles published both traditionally and by Hazeldell Productions, Glenda brings a wide range of creative and technical skills to the field of self-publication. Her educational background includes a BFA in Film and Video from the University of Regina and a Diploma in Library Information and Technology from SIAST. She is currently studying Interactive Design and Technology at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. An early interest in editing and animation led to a ten-year career in broadcasting and multimedia production. The second phase of her career focused on libraries, web page design, writing, and editing. She became the author of the Canadian bestseller The Prairie Dogs in 2005.

Janet Goertzen

Photo of Janet Goertzen

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English from Bishop's University in 2010, Janet graduated with honours from Algonquin College's Professional Writing program in 2014. Her education and current work have provided her with strong writing and editing skills: she has the ability to write in different voices, for different purposes, and to adhere to different styles. With a sharp eye for detail, she can catch comma splices and mixed modifiers with ease.